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Donít think of Italy as only a summer destination. There are plenty of things to do and to see during the Italian spring, fall, and even winter. This series of articles provides ideas for your Italian September vacation, describing regional spectacles, tourist attractions, and special events, and sometimes sports. Italian fall holidays have several advantages: You wonít fight the crowds, hotels and other accommodations are easier and cheaper to find, and every region has its own fall festivals. Start organizing your Italian fall holidays now. Keep reading.

Macchina di Santa Rosa

Macchina di Santa Rosa Latium event

Latium, or as some say Lazio, is pretty well smack dab in the center of Italy. Itís capital Rome is pretty well the center of Latium, and according to many Italians, the center of the world. Here summer is really summer, so if you arenít a fan of hot, hot weather you may prefer a September vacation. Start the month at the walled provincial capital of Viterbo, population about 60 thousand, when the whole city celebrates the Feast of the Macchina di Santa Rosa. A team of about one hundred specially chosen and trained porters dressed in traditional red and white outfits carry the so-called Macchina di Santa Rosa (a huge lighted tower that's over a hundred feet tall and weighs in at 11,000 pounds) for almost a mile through the darkened medieval streets. This tradition dates back to the year 1258, when the coffin containing the saint's body was transferred from one local church to another. This procession initiates a series of cultural and other popular events that continues throughout the entire month.

On the first Sunday of the month the town of Carpineto, population on the short side of 5 thousand, holds a Palio, a traditional horserace through the town streets that pits local neighborhoods against each other. The winner gets a huge banner created by local artists. This competition, celebration, and feast in honor of the townís Patron Saint St. Augustine has been held since the Fifteenth Century. Then on the 7th and 8th of the month go to Terracina, a city of some 40 thousand, for its Festa della Madonna della Libera, both a gastronomic and a handicraft festival that locals claim first started in the 1200s.

Ventotene Island, Latium

Ventotene Island, in Latium event

The volcanic island of Ventotene, population about 700, off the coast of Latium near the border with Campania celebrates its Patron Saint, Saint Candida on September 20th. My sources tell me that the yacht set which frequents the isles of Ischia and Capri arenít amused by Ventoene. By the way, in the days of BM (thatís Benito Mussolini) the island held a prison camp and was the site of a German garrison that surrendered to a weaker American force without a shot being fired in 1943. To me thatís worth a ferry or a hydrofoil ride.

Among the things to see and do in Rome is the Piazza Verdi antique show held on the fourth Sunday of the month. The little city of Monte San Biagio, population about 5 thousand, hosts its Festa del Brigante (Thieves Festival) to remind people of the days when bandits depopulated and terrorized this area before the Italy was united. There are lots of events including exhibitions, games, events, music, folkloric costumes and theatrical reenactments, cinema and a fine gastronomic spread.

And wherever you go and whatever you do, check out the fine Latium or other Italian wines.

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