Friuli-Venezia Giulia And Trentino-Alto Adige September Attractions And Events

Let's go to Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Trentino-Alto Adige this fall...

Donít think of Italy as only a summer destination. There are plenty of things to do and to see during the Italian spring, fall, and even winter. This series of articles provides ideas for your Italian September vacation, describing regional spectacles, tourist attractions, and special events, and sometimes sports. Italian fall holidays have several advantages: You wonít fight the crowds, hotels and other accommodations are easier and cheaper to find, and every region has its own fall festivals. Start organizing your Italian fall holidays now. Keep reading.

Cormons, Friuli, Medieval Fall Festival

Cormons, Friuli, Medieval Fall Festival

The multicultural northern Italian regions of Trentino-Alto Adige and Friuli-Venezia Giulia border Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, and the Gulf of Venice. Here summer is really summer, so if you arenít a fan of hot, hot weather you may prefer a September vacation. Every Saturday during the month of September the little Friuli town of Venzone, population about 2200, hosts an Exhibition of the Organ 'GJGJ Moret' to celebrate its return. Thereís a performance often by some of Europeís best-known organists in the cathedral in Piazzetta del Duomo. The first Sunday the little Friuli town of Cordovado, population about 2500, holds a horse race (Palio) pitting one neighborhood against the others as it has been doing since 1571. Over 200 locals dress in period costumes, parade, and mingle with the visitors. On the first Sunday of the month and the preceding Saturday, the Trentino city of Bolzano, population about 100 thousand hosts one of Italyís largest antique shows with more than 250 exhibitors.

On the 8th of the month the little Friuli city of Gemona, population about 11 thousand, hosts their Surisin festival. You will enjoy the free samples of local wine and gastronomic specialties. On the first and second weekends Cormons, a Friuli city of about 7500, situated close to the Slovenian border honors Maximillian the First of Hapsburg (Austria) with a grandiose recreation of life during his reign. More than 400 damsels and knights don authentic period garb to participate in parades, sword fights, lancing tournaments, horseback exhibitions and other medieval activities to create an atmosphere of centuries past. Of course there is lots of food and wine. The second weekend brings the Festival of the Grape. Find out why Friuli is known for its wines.

Torre Castle, Friuli, Fall Festival

Torre Castle, Friuli, Fall Festival

The Friuli village of Ravascletto, home to about 600, hosts a Festa dei Funghi on the third weekend of September. Among the activities are excursions to the woods where you accompany experts who harvest all sorts of local mushrooms. You can even ask them which wines best accompany mushrooms. That same Sunday the Friuli city of Gorizia, population about 35 thousand, which only joined Italy in 1920, hosts its Grape and Wine Festival and Mushroom Exhibition. Wouldnít it be great to go to both and compare?

On the third weekend of September enjoy the International Autumn Fair of Bolzano Sud with parades in typical regional costumes, live folk music, gastronomic stands and stalls featuring handcrafted items. From the third weekend of September through the second in October the Trentino city of Arco, population about 16 thousand, and some neighboring villages at the northern end of Lake Garda offer Cura dell'uva (The Grape Cure) devoted to afternoon winery tours and evening local food and wine tastings. Finish the month at the Castle of Torre, Porredonne, Friuli by attending a jousting tournament whose participants and much of the audience are dressed in full period regalia. This event commemorates or should we say replicates a Roman-style event recalling the year 1499 when the area was subjected to Turkish invasion.

And wherever you go and whatever you do, check out the fine Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Trentino-Alto Adige or other Italian wines.

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