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We hope that you are enjoying our series of articles and guest articles on Italian tourist attractions, covering the entire country except for its major cities. In a sense we have left the best for last. We will describe what to see in Italy’s great cities neighborhood by neighborhood. You may not realize it, but Rome is divided into 20 districts. And each and every one of these districts boasts its own sightseeing attractions. If you have time, visit them all. In any case, read these articles to help plan your trip to The Eternal City. You may be in for some real surprises. Roma, Non Basta una Vita (Rome, a Lifetime is not Enough) .

The Aurelio district is southwest of central Rome. Its northern sector is adjacent to Vatican City. This district gets its name from the Via Aurelia, a major Roman road that links the Mediterranean coast of Italy and the former Roman Gaul. Via this road Julius Caesar and his army were able to get to Spain in 27 days, changing horses four times a day. This district is also called Monteverde (Green Hill). The Janiculum Hill is the second highest in greater Rome but because it lies outside classic Rome, it is not counted among Rome’s seven hills. The district is divided in two; Monteverde Vecchio, which is mostly Nineteenth Century villas and Monteverde Nuovo, which is mostly Twentieth Century medium-rise buildings. Which part do you think you’ll want to tour?

View From Janiculum Hill Rome

View From Janiculum Hill Rome

The American University of Rome offers degrees in a wide range of disciplines including Art History, Film and Digital Media, and Italian Studies. The American Academy in Rome includes a School of Classical Studies and a School of Fine Arts. Both the University and the Academy are located in this beautiful district and both use English as their language of instruction.

American Academy Aurelio Rome

American Academy Aurelio Rome

A major feature of Aurelio is the Villa Doria Pamphili, Rome’s largest landscaped vast public park that surrounds a Seventeenth Century country house called a Casino, which despite its name was not an gambling establishment. During the defense of the short-lived Roman Republic in 1849–1850, the hero of Italian independence Guiseppe Garibaldi hastily fortified the area. Villa Doria Pamphili was near the scene of some of the fiercest hand-to-hand combat between Garibaldi’s legions and the invading French troops that proved to be victorious. For a while.

And wherever you go and whatever you do, check out the fine Latium or other Italian wines.

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