August Music Festivals And Concerts

Let's enjoy the Italian Musical Experience this August...

There are so many Italian music festivals in August that we are taking special measures to organize them. First come the festivals that started during the month of July.

Gioacchino Rossini, Opera Man

Gioacchino Rossini, Opera Man

Martina Franca is a popular tourist town in the Apulia region of southern Italy. Don't miss its Baroque Old Town. And don't miss its Festival della Valle d'Itria that runs from July 14 to August 2. There's quite a selection of classical and modern concerts, opera, and cinema. For more information consult

Macerata is a historic provincial capital in The Marches, not far from the Adriatic Coast. From July 20 to August 12 it hosts the Sferisterio Opera Festival. Performances include La Traviata, La Boheme, and Carmen. For more information consult . Note, a lot the information has not been translated.

Torre del Lago, Tuscany lies between the Lake of Massaciuccoli and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Home to some 11, 000 every year it hosts the Festival Pucciniano, attracting about 40 thousand Puccini lovers. This year's 58th edition presents Tosca, Madame Butterfly, La Boheme, and La Traviata from July 20 to August 25. For more information consult

The town of Stresa is located on the shores of Lake Maggiore in the Piedmont region of northern Italy. It has been tourist country for about a century. From July 20 to September 8 it hosts the Stresa Festival with a wide variety of mostly classical music. For more information consult

Perugia is a lovely walled city in Umbria. Among its offerings are music festivals and Italian language schools. Music Fest Perugia is held from August 2 to August 17. For more information consult .

The small town of Castelbuono, Sicily was built over the ruins of a Byzantine town, Ypsigro. As you might guess from its name, there is a castle, a good castle. From August 9 to 12 it hosts the indie-rock Ypsigrock Festival, held on the Piazza Castello (Place of the Castle). For more information consult .

San Severino Lucano, Basilicata is a village situated in the National Park of the Pollino, Italy's largest national park. From August 3 to August 5 it hosts the Pollino Music Festival, including jazz, rock, reggae, electro, ethnic and much more. For more information consult

Gioacchino Rossini was born in the Adriatic coastal city of Pesaro, Marches. His birthplace is now a museum. And from August 10 to 23 the city hosts the Rossini Opera Festival. For more information consult .

Roccella Ionica, also known as Roccella, is a small Calabrian town on the Ionian Sea near the tip of the Italian boot. From August 18 to August 25 it hosts the Roccella Jazz Festival. For more information consult the Italian language web site and download the 2012 programs.

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And wherever you go and whatever you do, check out the fine Italian wines.

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