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Carnevale, carnival, carnivale season...

Masquerade Ball Carnival Masks

Masquerade ball masks in Carnevale

Banish those winter blues with a trip to Italy during the Carnevale season. This fabulous celebration occurs 40 days before Easter so the date varies. Carnevale 2014 is on March 4th, Carnevale 2015 is on February 17th. They both happen on Tuesday, as in Mardi Gras. But celebrations start a few weeks early. As they say in Italian A Carnevale Ogni Scherzo Vale, anything goes at carnival. Maybe that's why so many people are wearing those great Maschere di Carnevale.

We are proud to present a Carnevale article for each of Italy's twenty regions. There is one exception: since arguably the finest (and certainly the best known) Carnevale is in Venice that article doesn't cover the entire Veneto region, but only the Venice Carnevale. You'll notice the wide variety of Carnevale celebrations in each of the regions. Find the one or ones that meet your fancy. Enjoy!

   Abruzzi    Apulia    Basilicata    Calabria    Campania
   Emilia-Romagna    Friuli-Venezia Giulia    Latium    Liguria    Lombardy
   Marches    Molise    Piedmont    Sardinia    Sicily
   Trentino-Alto Adige    Tuscany    Umbria    Val D'Aosta    Venice

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Carnevale, carnival, carnivale season...