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Let's find a tourist hotel near Rome's Colosseum...

Planning a trip to Italy? Unless you're lucky enough to have family, you'll have to find accomodations. This series of articles focuses on Rome budget hotels but often includes Rome bed and breakfast accomodations. On the way we describe multiple tourist attractions in the neighborhood. Each article includes beautiful photos of both a tourist attraction and the reviewed budget hotels or bed and breakfast accomodation. Each hotel mentioned has a live link (we test them just prior to posting) to its English-language website. Keep coming back, we are adding new destinations all the time. Let's find a Colosseum, Rome budget hotel.

While the Colosseum area virtually defines central Rome, in fact it is part of south central Rome. This area simply brims with history; at one time it was the center of the Western world. You’ll find the Roman Forum and Caesar’s Forum when Julie wanted to make a statement. Of course there’s the Colosseum itself, home to countless slaughters of people and animals. Once it held lions, now it holds errant pussy cats. At least there are no more slaughters. But you will want to see it, and so you might consider lodging in the neighborhood. Don’t miss the Arch of Constantine, and to see how nature compares with us mere mortals, enjoy the Palatine Hill, preferred by Romulus. As you may well suspect, there is a museum, the Museo Palatino. For your convenience we have listed neighborhood hotels in approximate order of cost, starting with the least expensive. We have personally verified all website addresses making sure that they include English-language pages.

Bed and Breakfast Santi Quattro al Colesseo

Bandb Santi Quattro al Colosseo

The Bed and Breakfast Santi Quattro al Colosseo.

The Bed and Breakfast Santi Quattro al Colosseo is located in an elegant, recently restored 1930s building. Try not to think about who was ruling the roost in 1930s Italy, he did get his due. If you stay here you are close to just about everything that matters in the area, including a restaurant belonging to the same owners. You do get breakfast without having to go for a walk. Every room has a view of the Colosseum. On the other hand, the reception desk is by no means 24/7. There are 4 rooms and 3 apartments. The bed and breakfast address is Via dei Santi Quattro, 64 - 00184 Roma. The Bed and Breakfast Santi Quattro al Colosseo website is www.bbsantiquattro.com.

Palazzetto degli Artisti

Palazzetto degli Artisti Colosseum Rome

The Palazzetto degli Artisti hotel.

The Palazzetto degli Artisti offers double, triple, and quad rooms. The building was constructed around the turn of the century (when the Eighteenth became the Nineteenth century in what was the heart of Ancient Rome near the Colosseum. There are five floors, the top is a terrace from which you can see all that matters and much more. There’s an in-suite breakfast. The bed and breakfast address is Via della Madonna dei Monti, 108 - 00184 - Rome. The Palazzetto degli Artisti website is http://www.palazzettodegliartisti.com/

And wherever you go and whatever you do, check out the fine Latium or other Italian wines.

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